Back in 2013, the two day and a night tour of the xiachuan island, during the day, employees enjoy the sunshine on the beach and natural scenery of the beach; in the evening, employees slow wave to the beach and enjoy the sunset,some employees prefer to stay in the house and get together on a few people chat enhance feelings. If you get up early in the morning the next day, then, you'll be lucky enough to encounter the hard-working fishermen, eating fresh seafood. Laughter continued throughout the journey, Everyone was deeply feel the team cohesion.
Through this journey of the xiachuan island,make the Guangzhou KAGA family more harmonious. Not only let employees relax, close to nature, rapport, but also active the company team atmosphere, strengthen communication and collaboration between staff. All thanks to the company for the employee care, but also with enthusiasm, positive state into work. Today, the 2013 staff trip is over, but the beautiful scenery of xiachuan island remain in the hearts of each employee's travel, and the teamis happy and harmonious friendship in the hearts of every staff.

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