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how many nail tools are there?

nail scissors
Nail scissors can be divided into flat and curve ones according to the address and the shape of the front edge. Usually a flat nail scissor is used to cut the length of the nail you need, if the trench on either side of the nail is too deep, we can use curve nail scissor to cut both sides of the nail.Do not cut too deeply with the nail scissors ,otherwise the nail bed will be shorter and shorter, and affect the beauty of nails.

Nail file
Nail file  is usually divided into coarse sand and fine ones, follow the step to grind two sides and then the front edge after cutting to fixed lenght. and grind nails to desired shape. leave the front edge a fine and trim effect. 

nail pusher
Nail pusher can be divided into wood push, steel and sand ones. the force should be moderate when using the nail pusher, don't push too hard, which will damage the matrix, and then impact nails growth.

Cuticle Nipper
Cuticle Nipper  is made of stainless steel with scissors and forceps types,which is used to cut off dead skin.. pay attention to the method of usage, which cannot pull or cut directly to avoid damage the nail skin of smile line

Nail buffer 
Nail buffer is divided into three surface nail buffer and four surface nail buffer block. If the customer¨s nail is soak and thin, please do not use coarse side of nail buffer to buff, or the nail will become thinner and thinner. Do not polish back and forth, or the nail will get hot , and make customers feel uncomfortable.

Protein Base coat 
After polishing the nail, use KAGA protein base coat for protection ,nutrition and health to natural nails. Otherwise, it is a good choice to apply protein base coat before the nail polish.

Top coat 
KAGA Top Coat possess the advantages of eco-friendly, odorless, healthy and glossy, 
It will display net structure after cured, which meantime keep the good function of wear-resisting, good permeability.

Nail gel polish 
KAGA gel polish possess the advantages of eco-friendly, thin texture, perfect saturation, brilliant color and rich choice, which give the effect of light, shrinkless, easy apply and comfortable feeling by net structure of gel. It is more convinient for applique or nail art directly after curing without floating oil or color on the nail surface.

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