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Study the whole structure of fingernail

Mastering the growth cycle & structure of fingernail, knowing each parts¨ name of finger , which help us know more about how to keep fingernail more healthier

Normally, the growth of nail is related with our physical health closely. They won¨t break unless they are destroied by outside force 

In normal circumstances, nail is pale pink and grow about 0.05~0.15mm average daily .The rate of nail growth is affected by age, nail positions or even different seasons.

Regarding to the age , the rate of child will be faster than adolescent . While the adolescent will be faster than the older.

Regarding to the different position of nail , the finger nail will grow faster than toes

Regarding to the Seasons,  it will grow faster in summer than winter.

Name for each part of fingernail

nail plate :  It is also called fingernail , consist of 3-4 layer hard keratin which are the hard keratinous cells in white & half-clear color without any blood capillary and nerve.
free edge  :  It is the extension part from the top of nail plate which is also the boundary between both of them. The nail tip is easy to break as no supporting point

Nail bed : It is skin tissue to support & connect to nail body, which supply nutrition and water to nail body. It is rich in capillaries, made nail body pink.

nail basis: Located in the nail root, containing the capillaries, lymphatic vessels and nerves.

Its effect is similar to the soil. It will absorb nutrients from our body and produce the keratin cells to support the growth of fingernails. Therefore, It is also called the fountain which support nourishment for nail

nail arc : White half moon shaped, located in the body below, attached to  nail root . It connect the nail bed and nail root to support the nail basis¨ growth .

Mask of nail : Also known as nail skin .It form a layer of mask to protect the outside part of the nail bed, which prevent outside invasion,bacterial infection, so that protect the nail bed
nail core: a thin layer skin under the edge nail .It is very sensitive, so nail makers need to be carefully when shape nails to avoid any hurt for customers¨ fingernail. Moreover, if it get hurt, maybe the nail will shrink 

nail groove: located between nail bed and nail wall, it is the growth orbit of fingernails. It will cause paronychia if trim fingernails without a suitable way 

nail wall :  Skin cover both side of the fingernail

smile line : it is the boundary between nail front and nail bed.  It is easy to break from the point of both 2 sides

nail trailing edge line : the boundary between nail root and nail bed

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