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The 12 thing gold Manicure division never do!

1.Incorrect self-positioning
Your positioning determines your position. You will be outstanding when you focus on your goal.
More often, some of us don¡¯t know what they want, who they really are, and just live a day-to-day life. Even though the ideas just passed through their mind,they won¡¯t make effects to do such a thing. As a result, they are just a common person.

2.Wrong definition of nail beauty
Many people join the nail industry because of its low recruit standard, no matter what education background and skills you have. Of course, the only aim to join in this area is to make money without any cost. I think you might be the one of the person who have this idea. You will be lack of confidence, if you just take nail industry as a way to make money, or want to earn money from her instead of making more change and beautiful for her when you serve the customer with the poor skills.
3.job-hopping frequently 

It is common to job-hop in all walks of life, and there is nothing new in nail industry. First of all, I don¡¯t think it is a bad thing, perhaps you can¡¯t play to your strengths under existing conditions, or you have a better space for development, or maybe the different experiences will bring you more benefit, problem-solving ability and method

All the things above are on the basis of setting up a clear life goals and plans for your future. If you just drift with the current, feel unsatisfied with reality, and always think it will be different if changing your environment. But in fact job-hop is like a double-edged sword, it will be helpful for your career development, on the contrary it will restrict your development, make you become more confused and painful.
10. Do not love learning
Due to the particularity of the nail art industry, people who enter in it are generally in low education level. Therefore, the common problem is they don¡¯t like to learn. They even have no habit to invest to learn. A lot of nail technicians think that it is a waste of time. They would prefer to do more work in the nail salon and earn more money.  

In recent years, with the pressure of market competition, a lot of nail technicians start to choose to learn, in order to remedy their deficiencies. Nail art industry itself is a cool industry, which stands in the front of fashion. Everyone is learning and making progress. There is nothing to compete except the speed of your study and action. If you want to earn more and develop faster than others, there will not more direct and useful method than investing into learning others¡¯ experience accumulated for five or ten years. It will help yourself to get progress in a short period.

11. Open shops aimlessly
I believe that it is a dream of the most nail technicains to open their own nail salon. Many nail technicains can¡¯t wait to try. They hope to open their own business after saving enough money. In their mind, those problems that appear in other salons will not happen in their own. Yes, right! That is a good idea. However, when you run a little one after several years of hard working, it might be possible that you have to close down it because of some kinds of reasons or bad management. As a result, you have to restart from the very beginning.

what I want to say is that it has a big deal with your self-positioning from the start. You should excavate your shining points and cultivate them. If you have already been an excellent nail technicain, why do you want to move into a field that you never know¡ªto be a manager?

If you want to start your own business, then you have to start to think from the view of manager, rather than focus on the technology. People¡¯s energy is limited. In fact, the so called genius is only existing in their own field. Your should find out your self-position before staring to do what you want.  

12. Lack of cooperation awareness
It has been a long time for the development of nail art industry. It is a stable developed industry. But it never get the high attention from the society. In the field of listed company, nail art companies are rare. Why can¡¯t this industry develops as fast as others? One of the most important reason is that this industry is lack of cooperation awareness. Something can not solved by a single person. In fact, a number of big companies have a firm team. If we can have the sence of team work, the future of this industry will be inestimable.

The twelve points are the reasons that restrict our own development as a nail tehcnician. Check yourself if you have such situation as mentioned and try to change it. Try to avoid those things to happen to you. I believe you will be more confident.  

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