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Twelve things a good nail technician never do!

What¨s the problem when some customers don¨t think you are good enough even though you regard yourself a perfect one.

Unprofessional image
In the nail industry, you may find most of them wear absolute mainstream, make nails colorful and wear in a mess, which they think it has personality and just this seem like a nail technician. Yes, it really has been a image of nail industry but not a good image. Many people will know you are a nail technician when they only see you nails. But there are many grades of customers will not choose such nail technician for their service, because they think this kind of nail technician can not match with their status.

Many people are not successful in nail art industry just because they  don¨t look like a winner. I always advise my students to pay attention to their own first image. Because the first impression of customers has been decided by your image before you open your mouth. It must be worth to spend more than half an hour every day to make up yourself. Dress for success, make up for success, but also for yourself!

Incomplete tool
Have you ever met this situation in a nail salon, some nail technicians always can¨t find their tools with scratch when they make nails for the customers. Sometimes they may borrow a nail file with un-finding of their owns, gel brush, nail art brush, such things even can lend or borrow since they belong to the salon and don¨t need them to afford. But you have already revealed your flaw in the eye of customers. ^So unprofessional! Why not prepare the tools in advance? ̄ Only when you have a professional tool that belongs to yourself, it can completely make a sense for you. And it will be a piece of cake when facing whatever nail designs. It also give your professionalism played a high score intangibly. So whether it is a professional nail technician, just look at his tool.

unfamiliar with company and products.
imagine, if you are not familiar with your own company and products, and can not answer what the customers ask. How can you make the customers trust you and then buy your products? Customers will never know and believe your products more than you. You must believe in your company and products firstly before you introduce them. If you are still in trouble and doubt about the products, then don¨t pray people to believe what you said.

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