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The main reasons of gel polish peeling

 The cuticle was not cleaned completely. 
Easy peeling-off will happen if you don¨t clean up the cuticle before the gel polish, which is regarded as the basic step of manicure. 

Not using PH cleaner before base coat, especially oily nails. 
PH cleaner is main to dry nails by cleaning redundant grease. As gel polish can attach on nail surface tightly and not peel easily.

Apply too much base coat. 
Just need to apply a thin coat on nails. too much gel will cause to shrink and gel polish will peel off easily.

Brush too thick color gel. 
Don¨t brush it too thick. The right way is to brush pure color twice and light color or translucent color three times, so it won¨t wrinkle for curing.

Brush too much top coat.
 It is one of the reasons of wrong gel polish appliance, so just need to brush it in a adequate amount.

Brush non-wipe top coat on soak off gel. 
Non-wipe top coat is easy to crack so it is unfit for soak off gel. It will cause gel polish to peel off. Of course experienced nail technicians can avoid it

Cleaning top coat with less cleanser. 
Use enough cleanser and don¨t save it. it won¨t crack unless keeping top coat totally wiped.

One more point, different brand gel polish has different material. it may cause repulsion and peeling If mixing them for usage,. So nail technicains should avoid to use different brands gel polish, base coat and top coat ect.

In a word, be careful in every step of gel polish and follow orders of standard operation, which can get the beautiful nail.

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